AGM Cloud DataCenter

A close up of a padlock on top of a cloud

Compliance – AGM datacenter is now SOC II type I compliant, meaning we meet the highest standards of security and availability and privacy. Our cloud servers our housed at our AGM Datacenter in Waltham MA.

Security Access – to our Cloud Server infrastructure is limited to AGM cloud engineering personnel. Our facility is monitored by secure and comprehensive video surveillance throughout the data center and has robust biometric access measures in place. Our cloud environment routinely undergoes third-party security intrusion testing.

Electrical Power Infrastructure – The AGM data center environments receive incoming power from multiple sources. All server cabinets are connected to our N+1 redundant uninterrupted power supply (UPS) infrastructure to prevent loss of critical power. Additionally, we have N+1 redundant generators to ensure continuous operation in the event of a utility power failure.

Cooling – AGM’s data center environment is cooled with N+1 redundancy, ensuring smooth operation of the cloud infrastructure. Redundant, energy efficient humidification systems maintain precise humidity distribution throughout the data center. A raised floor plenum with minimal obstructions provides cooling to server racks. Hot-aisle and cold-aisle configurations with optional air containment solutions increase efficiency and density while maintaining strict cooling standards that exceed industry specifications.

Connectivity – Internet connectivity is provided via multiple national carriers with built-in redundancy. Should one carrier have an outage, traffic is automatically re-routed across the remaining carriers. We provide a carrier-diverse facility which is directly connected to: RCN, Comcast, Level3, Verizon and XO. Should you need direct connectivity to other carriers, we offer the ability to connect to a nearby facility offering connectivity options with 150+ network vendors. This flexible offering allows you to connect your MPLS network directly to your AGM Cloud environment for ultra-low latency connectivity.

Benefits – Whether you need one server in the cloud or your entire infrastructure, moving to AGM’s Cloud Server infrastructure provides enterprise class hardware, software and facilities specifically designed for the needs of your business. AGM Cloud Servers allow you to turn prohibitively expensive capital expenditures into affordable, monthly operational expenses, while taking advantage of more efficient data center technologies, facilities and security.