IT Merger Project

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One of our larger customers with about 500 employees merged with a smaller company of about 100 employees at multiple locations. AGM Networking was responsible for both the IT merger and and the combination of the VOIP (voice over IP) phone systems of these two companies into one seamless system. We installed and configured an EVPL circuit (Ethernet Virtual Private Line) between several locations and set up multiple VLANs using QoS to prioritize VOIP data. AGM Networking also provided on-site training, assisted staff in learning the computer usage culture of the merged company, and showed staff how to use the new systems differently. We transitioned each of the 80 workstations into “thin clients” using Citrix XenApp Version 6.5 to access all applications and printing. We also implemented Citrix’s profile management which greatly improves upon Microsoft’s roaming profiles. The two remote sites were connected directly to the central location’s Mitel phone system. In order to implement this scenario for phone calls, an E911 software solution needed to be created, enabling each phone to give out accurate location information in the event of a 911 call. AGM managed a multi-vendor coordination in order to setup and program this E911 system for the merged organization.